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If you're looking for clean, well-researched, polished copy for your blog, site, or branded content vertical, I got you.


Companies looking to create content for clients and customers will also find my 10+ years in national consumer publications an asset. I can help your brand find its voice. 

   MY WORK  

Writing and reporting

For most of my career, I've been a health and lifestyle-focused journalist, which means I spent years digging through studies, interviewing the country's top experts, and de-bunking wellness trends as the industry took off.  So, yeah, I know how to turn around smart, service-focused pieces on deadline. You can see my work at,, Bustle Digital Group's branded content, and

Editing and proofreading

We all have something to say, but not all of us have time to perfect the way we say it. I can help experts, content creators, brands, and publications get their message across in the clearest way possible. Passive voice and comma splices don't stand a chance. 

Editorial consulting

I've worked with dozens of entrepreneurs and business owners, enabling them to reach new customers, become an authority in their industry, and pitch earned media with national brands. I can also help your company start its very own editorial team, create edit calendars, teach SEO strategy, and connect you with my network of edit and design talent to help you stand out. 

Speaking and expert commentary

Does your podcast, publication, or blog need an expert source to discuss the media industry, wellness, mental health, diet culture, money and career advice, or the wellness industry? I definitely have things to say.


I've been featured on the Millennial Money podcast, BBC radio, Madame Blue, and more. I'm also available to speak at your panel, webinar, or workshop. Let's connect!

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